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Fitzsimons Lane a 'gridlocked nightmare' during Bolton Street works.

Friday, November 10, 2017

I've asked the Minister for an immediate review and refinement of traffic management can be carried out to improve the increased traffic congestion in Eltham from the Bolton Street upgrade works. Residents have taken to Facebook to voice their anger and frustration over the long delays they are seeing commuting to and from Eltham given the roadworks underway. 

VicRoads has closed the northbound lane on Bolton Street and traffic is being funneled along Main Road. This was okay during the school holidays when traffic was lighter, but the current closure is causing massive traffic issues. Residents are saying that Fitzsimons Lane is even more congested and getting into Eltham is nearly impossible with traffic at a near standstill in the evening peak. Others argue 5-minute trips are taking nearly 30 minutes, while it can take 20 minutes just to travel 1 kilometer. 

Residents describe the traffic as a 'completely gridlocked nightmare'. We need better traffic management of this situation over the coming months as Bolton Street works continue so that residents can actually get around the suburb of Eltham, and this needs to be managed appropriately, immediately.

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