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Government needs to act over delays to Bolton Street works

Friday, December 08, 2017

The Andrews Government’s handling of the Bolton Street upgrade is in shambles and it needs to step in to get it finished as quickly as possible. 

The construction activity, work delays and partial road closures have resulted in local traders facing mounting income losses. But the Government has done nothing to ensure these shop owners will survive while upgrade works are carried out.

Last week work was halted when a gas main ruptured. It resulted in local businesses being forced to close for the day.

To top off the pain, VicRoads has announced that all construction will stop on December 22 and won’t begin again until January 3. Despite no work being carried out over that period, the lane closure will remain in place.  

This upgrade is a total nightmare. 

For weeks the Government has ignored the pain that Eltham residents are enduring. Getting to work or going to the local shops has become a major logistical problem.

Residents have already endured three months of disruptions and with these construction delays they face the prospect of several more months of chaos. VicRoads hasn’t put a completion date on the project other than early next year. 

Local residents are now realising that this half-baked upgrade is little more than resurfacing and driveway run-overs to residents.  It will not ease the traffic congestion that 19,000 vehicles face daily when using the road. While there will be two left turning lanes at the Main Road intersection, morning peak traffic won’t move any more quickly as there are so many vehicles already on Main Road attempting to turn into Fitzsimons Lane.  

This Government is failing Eltham and it is not good enough. It is time it acted to end this misery and to provide a bit of Christmas cheer. Daniel Andrews needs to consider compensating local traders and making sure these works are finished as soon as possible.

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