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Daniel Andrews cuts Cancer Beds again

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Daniel Andrews has been caught out cutting cancer beds and it’s thousands of Victorians with cancer who will miss out on world class care as a result.

Daniel Andrews can duck, weave and lie, but the fact is 32 public beds at the Royal Melbourne Hospital which were built as part of the 160 bed Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) have now been axed by this Labor Government. 

Daniel Andrews’ denials about the use of the floor are clearly lies as:

Senior Health Department officials confirmed to a Parliamentary Committee that Level 8 of Building 1B at Royal Melbourne Hospital was part of the VCCC, to be used for a 32 bed medical/surgical inpatient unit. 

In announcing that Level 8 of Building 1B of the Royal Melbourne Hospital was to be used for non-cancer care, the Health Minister admitted that the new unit was “made possible due to the $1 billion Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre project”. 

These cruel cuts follow the scrapping of 42 cancer beds at Peter Mac Private by Daniel Andrews, resulting in 10,000 people missing out on cancer care each year and at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million.   

With massive population growth and more than 30,000 Victorians being diagnosed with cancer each year the Labor Government should be investing in cancer beds, not cutting them.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Mary Wooldridge:

Victoria’s population is growing by nearly 150,000 a year but Daniel Andrews is actually cutting the number of beds for cancer patients.

With this massive population growth the Premier should be funding more beds but instead he’s scrapped 42 cancer beds for Peter Mac Private and now he’s cut 32 public cancer beds.

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