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Vicki Ward's campaign rorted $21,148 from taxpayers

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Ombudsman’s investigation into Labor’s ‘Red Shirts’ rorts has found that Labor’s campaign to elect Vicki Ward rorted $21,148 from Victorian taxpayers.  

Labor rorters, Don Nardella, Telmo Languiller and Steve Herbert, all apologised to taxpayers, repaid the rorted money and resigned their senior office positions.

Vicki Ward must follow that same precedent set by Labor rorters and apologise to taxpayers for what the Labor Party has done and resign as Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Employment.

Labor repaying the money is an admission of guilt.

If Daniel Andrews does not hold Vicki Ward to the same standard he is condoning the rorting of taxpayers’ money. 

In addition to paying back the rorted money, Daniel Andrews and Labor must also pay back the $1 million of taxpayers’ money they spent on legal fees trying to stop this investigation. 

Read the Ombudsman's report by clicking here.

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