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Labor slow to act to ease Eltham's congestion

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

It is unacceptable that it has taken the Andrews Government four years to act to relieve Eltham’s crippling congestion problems.

The Budget failed to provide any commitment to future duplication works for the Hurstbridge line.

Only the Liberal Party has promised to duplicate the line from Greensborough to Eltham, pledging over $300 million in a project which will also upgrade Montmorency station and provide more carparking.

With the first stage of the Hurstbridge duplication project now blowing out by $193 million, to $588 million, it is clear that the Government is struggling to control its infrastructure spending.

The Liberals promised in 2014 the Fitzsimons Lane bus lanes would be opened to cars but it has taken Labor four years – and $1.5 million – before conceding what has long been obvious to commuters – that the lanes needed to be opened to traffic.

The Liberals also committed $1.5 million in 2014 to improve safety at the Leane Drive and Main Road intersection.  Yet this Government has, until just six months before the election, refused to adopt our plan to install traffic lights.  It has not yet detailed costings for either of these projects.

The Government’s Fitzsimons Lane announcement is a vastly inferior plan to the Liberals promise of grade separations at Main Road/Fitzsimons Lane and at the Porter St/Fitzsimons Lane intersections as part of a congestion busting plan to ease congestion at 55 of Melbourne’s intersections.  

All Labor’s plan will do is to apply a bandaid to the congestion problems Eltham residents face every day.

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