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Vicki Ward votes down protections for Emergency Services workers

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Vicki Ward has been caught out saying one thing on law and order and then doing another.

Vicki Ward has said nothing in the last four years about violent offenders bashing emergency services workers. 

Having failed to take tough action for four years, Vicki Ward has now voted against what would have been the toughest laws in the country to protect emergency service workers.

Instead, Vicki Ward and Daniel Andrews are proposing minimal change with Labor’s weak ‘get out of jail’ card by allowing courts to give “lesser weight” to the ‘life circumstances’ of violent offenders.

The Liberal Nationals Bill has tougher changes to the ‘special reasons’ provisions under sections 5(2H) and s10A of the Sentencing Act.

Our Bill would have closed the loophole that allows serious offenders to escape jail time. This will include all category 1 offences, not just those impacting emergency services workers.

Our reforms will extend beyond the current examples involving paramedics to cases such as one punch attacks, serious assault, manslaughter and child homicide.

Under a Liberal Nationals Government, we will fix the ‘special reasons’ loophole that are being used too often as special excuses.

At the next election, you can send a message to Labor that you are sick and tired of their soft touch on crime.

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