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If you vote for Vicki Ward you can expect higher tolls when you drive

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Today in Question Time, despite being given several opportunities, the Andrews Labor Government refused to rule out new or increased tolls on existing roads like the Eastern Freeway to pay for the North East Link.   

The North East Link is already $10 billion over original cost estimates and – on Labor’s admission – completely unfunded.

Daniel Andrews and Vicki Ward have form when it comes to lying about roads and tolls.

Daniel Andrews and Vicki Ward said cancelling the East West Link wouldn’t cost taxpayers a single dollar. It ended up costing $1.3 billion and counting.

Daniel Andrews and Vicki Ward said the Western Distributor was ‘shovel-ready’, would be toll-free and cost $500 million to build. It ended up not being ‘shovel-ready’ and was scrapped in favour of the Westgate Tunnel which will be tolled and will also include more tolls on the Monash and Tullamarine Freeways.  

Residents in Eltham, Lower Plenty and Montmorency, should be rightly concerned that Daniel Andrews plans to toll their trip into the city and Vicki Ward isn’t doing a thing to stop it. 

In their hearts, Victorians know Daniel Andrews will put tolls on existing roads like the Eastern Freeway to help pay for the unfunded North East Tunnel.

Victorians are already doing it tough with cost of living pressures and can’t afford Labor putting more tolls on existing roads.  At this election, local voters will have a chance to send Vicki Ward a message that they don’t want new tolls on existing roads like the Eastern Freeway. 

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