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Vicki Ward's Train to Nowhere

Friday, March 03, 2017

On 24 November 2015 I asked the Minister for Public Transport about the additional services promised for the Hurstbridge Line. Labor committed to delivering these three exta peak services in 2015. I recieved the barely satisfactory answer that the "Labor Government is working with PTV on the best options to deliver the extra services".

In 2016 I inquired of the Minister for Public Transport on the progress of these extra services. Amazingly the response I recieved was still the same.

We're now well into 2017 and there's no new information. Once more I have asked the Government when can we expect these services to be delivered on these very overcrowded and busy trains? It is time for answers; residents want answers. We need to know — not only from the Level Crossing Removal Authority, which has said two of them will not begin until 2019 — when the government is going to deliver those two services in 2019 as well as the third service.

The now Member for Eltham - Vicki Ward promised prior to the last election that Labor would deliver these services in 2015. It's now 2017, the services haven't been delivered.

You can read below, in full, a record of all the questions i've put to the Minister and her responses over the past years. 

Questions & Non-answers

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