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Member for Melton

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Questions without notice

Member for Melton 

Ms WOOLDRIDGE (Eastern Metropolitan) — My question is also to the Leader of the Government. Ordinary Victorians are required to repay money to the state and they are often subject to penalty interest currently set by the Attorney-General at 9.5 per cent per annum. Is the member for Melton required to pay penalty interest on his repayment scheme? 

Mr JENNINGS (Special Minister of State) — Not for the first time Ms Wooldridge clearly does not understand either the Parliament’s powers, the obligation —

 — Mrs Peulich — You’re just saying that because she’s a woman. 

Mr JENNINGS — No, in fact I would say that of many members of the opposition, Mrs Peulich. I could actually say that there are many members of the opposition who clearly do not actually understand how Parliament works and in fact are pretty capricious in the way that they believe it works. Can I suggest to you that the matter that the member has referred to in terms of the arrangement that has been reported in the media — the arrangement between the member for Melton and the Parliament to return those moneys — is a matter for the Parliament and the member for Melton. I have not, and I do not believe the Premier has, had a conversation with the member for Melton about the terms of that repayment. 

Ms WOOLDRIDGE (Eastern Metropolitan) — Thank you for that answer, Leader of the Government. Can I then ask: has any member of the government had a role in negotiating the repayment terms with the member for Melton? 

Mr JENNINGS (Special Minister of State) — The answer to Ms Wooldridge’s question is: not to my knowledge.

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