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Labor still failing to fix Eltham's congestion woes

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Daniel Andrews and his Government are failing Eltham residents with their half-funded plan to upgrade Bolton Street.

While Labor will spend $10.5 million to improve traffic flow, safety and accessibility on this important arterial road, it is only half of the funds needed to properly upgrade the street.  In 2014, based on advice from VicRoads, the Liberals promised we would spend $20.6 million to widen the road, include dedicated turning lanes and a new signalised intersection near Grand Boulevard. 

Not only will the job be half done but all motorists will now have to travel at a reduced speed of 50 km/h.

And while the Government congratulates itself for finally beginning this long overdue project, it is steadfastly refusing to do anything to relieve the massive congestion Eltham residents face daily:

  1. Labor has done nothing to alleviate traffic snarls along Main Road Eltham.
  2. Labor has done nothing to stop residents crawling in their cars along Fitzsimons Lane during peak hours.
  3. Labor has done nothing to relieve the bottleneck along the Greensborough Bypass towards the entrance to the M80.
  4. Labor has done nothing to improve safety at the Leane Drive/Beard Street intersections.

We should also not forget that this short-sighted Labor Government spent $1.2 billion cancelling the East-West link.

Quotes attributable to Mary Wooldridge – Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region

This Government has nothing to celebrate when it comes to local traffic congestion achievements – because it has none.

It is unacceptable that Eltham residents are now going to be faced with more disruption getting to and from work for very little benefit.

Bolton Street deserves to be properly upgraded, but this Government won’t spend the money needed.  Eltham residents are being short changed and the congestion problems they face will still not be resolved under this Government.

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