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Eltham resident's views re NE Link

Monday, September 25, 2017

Thank you to all the Eltham residents who contacted me regarding the North East Link. I have now compiled those responses into a submission which has been put forward to the North East Link Authority (NELA). It's important to note that this submission is not a reflection of my personal views, but rather the many concerns residents have regarding the proposal to complete the “missing link” on the Metropolitan Ring Road, the M80. 

This submission is a snapshot of the responses which totalled over 2100. Overwhelmingly respondents were in favour of the ring road being completed. Those who strongly opposed, just 4.8%, cited concerns for the future of the Nillumbik Green Wedge. More than 47% favoured route 1, while 41% supported a route that would go through the northern end of Eltham and link with Eastlink. Substantially fewer (7%) supported a much longer road skirting Melbourne’s outer eastern areas.

There were also a substantial number of residents who wanted to ensure the Green Wedge remained protected regardless of what route they supported, they cited the Wedge as a major reason for living in Eltham. In addition, many of the responses argued that more than one link is necessary for Melbourne’s development, both for now and into the future and views on a Skyroad as part of the roadway were fairly evenly divided with 44% favouring the idea and 45% against.

I know that for many people the short consultation period was not nearly enough time to read all the information that was released by NELA and to make a submission. Because of that, I will continue the press the government to ensure that there is full and proper consultation with the whole Eltham community. 

On the basis of the surveys, emails and facebook communication I received, the following submission was sent to NELA. You can click here to view the full submission.

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